Our Vision &

Humanized Branding Approach
Humanized Branding Approach
Continuous Learning Approach
Continuous Learning Approach
Focusing on the Bigger Picture
Focusing on the Bigger Picture
Global Thinking
Global Thinking


It inspires marketing and shapes the future with innovative and agile solutions.


To provide unconditional customer satisfaction with our employees, one of our most valuable stakeholders, to be a reliable and distinguished ambassador in the field of digital marketing by providing consultancy within the agile and innovative framework.

Corporate Culture

It produces all together by feeding from our differences.

01 – Corporate Perspective

We are responsible, aware!

As Kriko, we believe in the necessity of corporate culture, which is the key to success with our human-oriented understanding and professional approach. We aim to achieve maximum efficiency to be obtained from all working processes by fully fulfilling the discipline, responsibility, plan and program.

Our competent and experienced staff offers its superior talents by focusing on the indispensable corporate understanding to become a successful company and maintain the level reached. Thus, we ensure that the harmony between our team continues at a high level and we care about the involvement of employees in decision-making processes.

  • Effective and open communication is very important to us.
  • We protect our values ​​and our ethical approach.
  • We respect the values ​​of people from different cultures.
  • We adapt to the day and conditions by not resisting change.
  • Having a fair and humane structure is one of our basic principles.
  • Our employees also play an active role in decision making processes.
  • We believe in growing together, not hierarchical superiority.
02 – VALUE

Humanized Branding Approach

With our belief that a well-established brand will flourish only in a happy and fair environment, each member of our professional staff is always one of our most valuable focal points for us.


Continuous Learning Approach

Kriko does not have a final target point. We reinforce what we know and the experiences we have gained day by day and learn again according to the requirements of the day, and always pay attention to new developments.


Global Thinking

In the web geography with no borders, we understand the importance of globalization better day by day, abd we believe that only the brands that have been integrated into the world can achieve true success.


Focusing on the Bigger Picture

We know that drowning in details on specific issues is not the right strategy, as we set aside a holistic approach as a principle, leaving aside the wrong focuses.

06 – Being Open to Innovation
  • We are aware that innovation and change will not end.
  • We have the understanding of “from yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow”.
  • We support adapting to change, not resisting it.
  • We attach importance to shaping the events with different interpretations.
  • We examine cause and effect relationships.
  • We consider innovations as an opportunity.
  • We aim to fully keep up with the era.