Social Responsibility
and Awareness

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Solidarity is One of Our Top Priorities

We Fully Take On Our Social Responsibility

Along with commercial growth, we feel responsible for what is happening in our world and our environment, and we do not hesitate to shoulder the responsibility for a better world from ecology to education.

  • We have a sense of responsibility and accountability towards our environment.
  • We believe that we support the less fortunate by helping them.
  • We continue to support many institutions from past to present.
  • We are proud to fulfill our social responsibilities.

We Support Nature & People

We fulfill our duties against Mother Nature, who nurtures and grows all of us for both ourselves and the next generations, as we support many institutions that have love and goodness for people.

Social Responsibility

is a Vision

We believe that commercial organizations should fulfill their responsibilities, especially in two important areas which are education and ecology. The benefit to be achieved by covering the deficiencies of the disadvantaged children in terms of meeting the necessary education costs, and the need for clothing, is quite high. At this point, we are proud to support an institution, Köy Okullar Değişim Ağı (KODA), which has set out to address the shortcomings of idealistic teachers working in villages.

However, bringing together the children living with autism spectrum disorder in Turkey with early diagnosis, recognizing the health of children and families, providing their education, addressing the needs in areas such as employment, working for the public interest and nonprofit organization of Tohum Türkiye Otizm Erken Tanı ve Eğitim Vakfı are the other values we give importance to. Starting out in order to fulfill the wishes of children and young people with life-threatening diseases, Bir Dilek Tut Türkiye is another great cause that we support. Our company pays great attention to institutions and associations that benefit children in difficult living conditions and deprivations and principled teachers who teach in village schools. In addition, we believe that we should be aware of our responsibilities towards the nature that we live in and nurture and grow. We are also proud of the support we offer to various institutions that set out to be side by side with nature, the greens and animals. Today, we see the importance of global companies and countless people in many countries about sustainability and we have the same sensitivity. We are delighted to contribute to Turkey’s most important reforestation and erosion institue of TEMA at this point.

Being Responsible Individuals

What is Social Responsibility?

We can call it social responsibility for the efforts that individuals show by supporting institutions that serve the public interest in these areas, therefore showing sensitivity to the environment, society and other people. So why should this effort be continued? Because it is important for everyone to open the doors of a happier and more beautiful life by overcoming all kinds of deficiencies and problems in the axis of all these activities carried out both globally and locally. Increasing the sensitivity of people and many brands of the world scale on this issue and carrying out awareness in this sense increases as well. As a company, it is necessary to be a follower of this development and innovation, and to take initiatives that can benefit from capacity, in order for a brand to reach a reliable and prestigious level.

  • We care to be society sensitive individuals.
  • We believe that education and the environment are among the most important issues on this planet.
  • We continue to participate in social responsibility campaigns.
  • We prioritize the need for corporate social responsibility.
  • We examine the social and environmental impacts of the activities carried out.
  • We support institutions that serve the public interest.
  • We are aware that social responsibility is a duty.
Education and Training

Education is the Basis for Development

In many different sectors and fields, the key to success is the necessary education and practice for that sector. The same goes for school-age children, their upbringing and their priorities. In this regard, there are many non-profit institutions in our country that are fully committed to meeting the needs of children and teachers. One of the most important features of these institutions is that it shows what one or more individuals can do by eliminating less fortunate situations.

Although we think from a company point of view, it is also obviously important that a person who has applied to your company and who is a candidate to become a new employee has the necessary equipment as well. In this respect, meeting the priorities needed by children, students, and education services who will shape both today and tomorrow is among the best social responsibility jobs a company can do. As Kriko, we are proud to support many different institutions, based on this understanding of responsibility we have to maintain.

It is also very important that structures such as public or private sectors or even non-governmental organizations come together for these and similar purposes and gain supporters, donors and volunteers. We continue to carry out our support for charities that benefit nature, youth, and many disadvantaged individuals.

  • We take on our environmental and social responsibilities seriously.
  • We believe that social responsibility is a vision as well.
  • We consider the importance of social benefit.
  • We adopt feelings like empathy and solidarity.
  • We ensure that social life is sustainable.
  • We feel the value of material and spiritual assistance.
  • We prioritize a conscious corporate culture.