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In the world where mobile applications are gaining more importance day by day, app optimization has become as important as web optimization itself. Being aware of this, we not only improve your traffic on the web, but also offer optimization processes for your mobile applications.

What Is App Optimization?

We manage your app store optimization processes for your mobile application and aim to increase your organic visibility in the mobile world by ensuring that the right strategies are applied for all your mobile technologies. The app optimization processes we carry out in this context make your app much more valuable and efficient.

Increase the value of your mobile application

Mobile application indexing and optimization actually represent the future of all your SEO efforts.

Nowadays, where traffic and interaction are gradually shifting from the web to mobile, making your mobile applications suitable for search engines is as important as web optimization. Thanks to the mobile application optimization that we apply, your application will become more visible through the relevant mobile store, providing you to reach higher download numbers.

ASO studies also help your mobile app to be discovered more quickly.

As the search engines index your application, the related searches made by the users are also provided to increase your mobile application’s ranking.


We help you identify the words and phrases that are important to you within the framework of keyword-oriented app store optimization, and reshape your mobile application within the framework of these keywords.

Performance Tracking

We regularly monitor the performance of your application in every aspect, identify the places that require intervention instantly and save you time and cost and promise an optimal mobile optimization process.


The more important keywords are in your search engine optimization processes, the more important it is to determine, select and use correct keywords in mobile application optimization. When searching for an app in app stores, users of course search the keywords that come to mind first instinctively.

By taking into consideration the search volumes, the keyword pool determined specifically for your mobile application allows your application to appear at top places and reach high download numbers.

While determining your keyword pool in your ASO cases, of course, the only criterion we consider is not the search volume. The worth of words in the eyes of the user, the search trends they show in the long term, whether it is “long-tail” and whether it has the potential to reach the target audience are among the criteria that must be evaluated.

It is not our style to give you the keywords you need to use in your mobile application optimization processes and the technical procedures you need to follow and leave the rest to you. As long as the application optimization continues, we regularly follow the performance of the application, taking into account all the details, we are with you until the application reaches its ideal performance.

Raise Your Brand's Value

Add value to your brand with our projects prepared for your needs. From higher organic traffic to visible organic growth, from more efficient processing resources to innovative and modern approaches; it is possible to reveal the true value of your brand with Kriko.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the questions and answers you wonder about how to get services about mobile application optimization.

What is ASO?

ASO, in other words App Store Optimization, refers to all of the efforts that require your mobile app to be optimized to proper search engines. As part of these efforts, we make your mobile app more visible both in the app store and on web and mobile search results.

Is Mobile App Optimization Different for Android and iOS?

All the ASO work done takes place on both Android and iOS to give the same result. In a word, all the optimization processes we conduct for your mobile application are actively valid on both iOS and Android based operating systems.

Why is ASO so Important?

One of the most important reasons why mobile application optimization is so critical is that the majority of users search and find applications in app stores. According to the researches, 68 percent of mobile users found the last application they downloaded through the AppStore or Google Play Store. That’s why search engines for your mobile app are one of the most important sources of discovery.

Which Factors are Important in ASO?

Just like in SEO processes, there are multiple factors and variables that affect ASO processes. The most important of these include title and subtitles, keywords, description, icons, video content, ratings, comments and uploads. This and many other factors are evaluated and an optimal ASO process is created.