What is Content

Delivering your content, whose audiences are equipped with impressive methods, to attract them to yourself and turn the potential audience into loyal customers.


The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you increase sales by producing quality content to customers. While doing content marketing activities, the main purpose of the enterprise is to educate, inform and entertain the target audience.

Successful content marketing creates a relationship between your business and your customers and contributes to the overall image of your business.

Why We Need Content Marketing?


Traffic Gain & Branding

In order to increase the efficient growth and profit rates, you need to establish the necessary organic traffic on your site. With the circulation you will gain thanks to real users, your awareness and confidence as well as your earnings will increase. Thus, you can be one of the flagship brands of your industry.


From Masses to Conversion

Getting traffic and failing to take action means that users who review the content on your site remain only as a visitor. At this point, the conversion is possible when the content that you offer to large audiences reaches the sales and interaction score you have targeted.


True Brand Loyalty

Despite the fact that there are many attractive brands in your sector, the consumer’s regular selection of you for shopping is the most important indicator of the bond with your brand. The antidote of a prestigious and solid brand is consumers with real customer loyalty.


Traffic Flow & Profitability

Your site should become one of the frequent destinations of your target audience as it will contribute significantly to your traffic gain. Just like a business opening on a busy street has more customers, the increased traffic of a website can bring it higher sales.

How Do We Do It?

As you can see in the brands we collaborate with, we reveal our professional staff's analysis capability and strategies that perceive the dynamics of the industry for organic traffic growth and high sales scores.

Content Audit & Check-up

By tracking your content that is timely and needing to be updated, we extract the information that has a wear margin, contains the error and ensure that your content hits its exact target.

Strategy & Content Plan

We create the necessary plan and program to reach your goal with our strategy, which we have determined by considering the concrete conditions, and ensure that the most effective content is tapered.

Quality Content Creation

Based on the fact that the importance of quality content, that Bill Gates has generously summarized by saying “Content is king” has increased significantly, we create king content with our professional editorial team to become one of the rising brands of your industry.


As a result of all processes, we measure the distance covered by performing performance measurement, and continue to serve you on your journey with new targets.


Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Kriko for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Kriko's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.

Oguzhan Poyrazoglu
Oguzhan Poyrazoglu eBay Turkey - CTO

In line with the rising competition and market dynamics, our aim is to always deliver the product they seek to our customers with the fastest and best price advantage. It is our ultimate desire to achieve this with a good experience and process design. We cooperated with Kriko to achieve our annual targets and improve our current traffic for these purposes. We believe that Kriko will have serious added value to GittiGidiyor with its experience and competencies in the field of e-commerce.

Metin Okur
Metin Okur SefaMerve - CEO

Since we first met with the kriko, they added to us as “to apply a versatile and comprehensive road map with the right methodologies instead of the word generic consisting of general information that is said.” Accurate analysis of our brand and its dynamics, which generally have a slightly different customer behavior and are located in a difficult vertical, prove that we are not wrong in this opinion.

Feyza Dereli Fedar
Feyza Dereli Fedar eBay Turkey - CMO

As GittiGidiyor (eBay Turkey), we continue on our way every year by getting more share from the market with a growth much higher than the market growth. In order for this growth to continue in a healthy way, it is critical for us to strengthen our SEO and organic traffic day by day. When choosing our business partners to work in this field, we always prefer to work with the best in the field. We chose Kriko as our business partner for our SEO operations with the confidence we have in their experience and competencies and we see that we have made a very correct decision even in the short time we spent together.

Melih Pazarlioglu
Melih Pazarlioglu Corendon Airlines - Head of E-commerce

Kriko has helped us to make an important progress even in a short time with the benefits it has provided to our website and digital channels since the first day we started working. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to evaluate Kriko only under the title of an SEO company. In our opinion, Kriko; The companion of our website is a consultant in every area we need and a digital brand assistant that will always be supported in the world of search engines.

Yakup Bayrak
Yakup Bayrak Sherpa - Founder

The fact that Kriko can quickly adapt to the product management methodology of the SHERPA Blog team and the knowledge of search engine compatible content rather than the power of the mainstream SEO toolsets were important in the decision phase of SHERPA Blog. SHERPA Blog, which sees the data-based decision making discipline as the main element of its management philosophy, has gained a noticeable distance in the SERP results as a result of its short-term cooperation with Kriko, led by Uğur Eskici.

Omer Deveci
Omer Deveci ŞikayetVar - CEO

It is so annoying that it is annoying to question the decisions of the doctor you work with, keeping in mind the possibility of making a mistake when you get sick, and to constantly review the decisions of the SEO consultant you work with. Since the first day I started working with Kriko, I have no doubt about their decisions. Great head comfort and focused peace. We reflect even the most radical business requirements on the air without delay and we get positive results every time.

Volkan Arslan
Volkan Arslan Marketing Director - Alarko Carrier

We met Mr. Ugur in a training he gave, and then we had the opportunity to work. The reason why we chose Kriko is the synergy of Mr. Ugur, the fact that they stay only in their field of expertise, SEO instead of turning to all branches of digital, although he positions himself as an SEO expert, it is always a phone where you can get ideas for developments in the digital world on any subject. We can sort it out to be like a consultant away from you. I hope they move forward with this professional perspective and amateur spirit and we will continue to be their companions.


Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Kriko for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Kriko's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.

Our Content Marketing Approach...

We create content strategies specific to your brand to establish a sustainable connection with your customers. To do this, we first plan content and then start producing it.

Storytelling has an important place in our content marketing approach for a “sincere” narration. In addition, at the end of our study, we ensure that you get the most effective result by measuring your content performance.

01 – Storytelling

True Customer Commitment

It is known that people prefer a brand depending on whether it creates a sense of intimacy, rather than the features of the brand. When this is the case, storytelling is a one step forward approach in digital marketing for brands.

While creating your digital marketing strategies, we organize storytelling campaigns that are suitable for your brand and brand image, and help you establish a real connection with your customers. We tell your customers about your products and services with a story of emotions, experiences and facts, so we offer you a professional service in creating customer loyalty.

  • Storytelling provides true customer loyalty.
  • The proximity to the brand is effective in purchasing.
  • Storytelling provides empathy for consumers.
  • Storytelling is even more important for new brands.
  • 92% of end consumers find storytelling marketing more effective.
  • In storytelling, emotions, experience and facts are essential.
  • Successful storytelling easily separates you from your competitors.
02 – Tools & Measurement

Measuring the Effect of Content Operations

We ensure that you achieve the desired efficiency from the content marketing strategies we have created for you. We use a variety of measurement tools for this and help you see the results you get from our content marketing efforts.

We measure our content studies on a monthly or certain period basis with the periods we will determine together and present these results to you transparently. This way, you can clearly see how your content contributes to your marketing efforts and business goals.

You allocate an important budget for content marketing… How confident are you with the contribution of your content marketing efforts to your brand goal and the efficiency of these efforts?

Defining a Content Strategy
Content Creation & Marketing

We are with you in your content marketing activities to influence your target audience, encourage your product or service and ensure that your brand can establish a real, unshakable connection with your audience! By identifying the most accurate content marketing methods for your brand, we develop a calendar and content plan tailored for you.

With the content prepared in the light of the latest content marketing trends, we ensure that you get the desired result in your work. We conduct content marketing measurements with the necessary tools and present you the result collected from the studies.

As Kriko’s experienced content team, we construct the right content strategy for your brand and deliver your “story” to your target audience in the best way.

Raise Your Brand's Value

Add value to your brand with our projects prepared for your needs. From higher organic traffic to visible organic growth, from more efficient processing resources to innovative and modern approaches; it is possible to reveal the true value of your brand with Kriko.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service will you receive within the scope of content marketing? Where are the keywords in all of this? Who will you get support from during the content creation process? The answer to your questions is here.

How do you come up with keywords for a piece of content?

Although one of the most important criteria in content production is keywords, the content produced by our content team is much more than keyword lines. Our primary criteria are to address the subject in depth, to determine the number of words according to the depth of the subject, not only according to the search engines, to ensure the ideal number of keywords in relation to the number of words, to make sure that the keywords are exactly related to the subject and to create content that will provide maximum benefit to the user.

On the one hand, we create content that search engines can easily browse and index, on the other hand, it is our hope to create some kind of purchasing guides that the reader can read and learn new things with pleasure.

Is the content you produce SEO compatible?

Every content that we produce is produced in a way to comply with the SEO standards at the maximum level. All content prepared by our expert and experienced content team is produced in accordance with the most critical SEO rules and promises maximum organic traffic and visibility.

We anticipate satisfying both search engines, users and the brand at the same time, with our SEO-compatible content that promises to create a visible increase and visibility, especially in keywords targeted in the long term.

What kind of content do you mostly produce?

The content we produce is completely shaped by the needs and demands of your brand. Of course, we first determine the content needs that emerge after a comprehensive SEO audit, and we create a road map and editorial calendar accordingly.

We can produce category texts and product descriptions for your e-commerce site, as well as create inspiring and innovative blog posts for your brand’s blog. In doing so, our red lines, which we never compromise, are that all of our content is 100% original and fully SEO compliant.

Do you produce content specific to ASO?

Of course! As with the web, we support all your mobile and application processes with our content. From store description texts to mobile page meta descriptions, we also take care of all your content processes for ASO to ensure that you get maximum efficiency from our resources.

The content we produce specially for your ASO processes not only help you to be more visible and available in application stores, but also allow you to draw a much more professional image by standing out from your competitors.