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With our technical and data-oriented analysis, we prepare strategies that you can avoid your competitors and optimize your site. We don't just prepare a road map, we run the road together! Thus, we ensure that you get quality traffic, not garbage.

How We Do It

We help you reach your goal on different levels by serving a competent program in paralel with your industry's variables and your needs.

Expectations & Analysis

We get the show on the road by materializing your expectations, define the setbacks with analysis and evaluating your current situation.

Competition & Insight

We nurture the indispensable insight understanding to grow a brand, eliminating your question marks for your customers and increasing the interaction by enabling you to get to know them better.

SEO Audit & Check-up

In the ever-evolving SEO world, we adapt to changing algorithms quickly and enable you to turn the competition into an advantage.

Data Driven SEO Techniques

In line with the data we obtain by keeping in mind the trends and user movements, we implement the most accurate SEO breakthroughs and ensure that you are always where your customers look.

Customized Advanced Implementations

We offer a personalized SEO service specific to your brand with all advanced applications such as on-page and off-page optimizations, and pinpoint keywords.

Measurement & Audit

After all these steps we have carried out in a strategic and devoted process, we present a map of "before and after" by determining how much you get out of your competitors and how much your customer interaction has increased.

The Value of "Not Guessing"

Every time you take a guess, you create the possibility of risk and prejudice. That’s why here at Kriko, we turn to data before making any kind of guesses. With our “Stop Guessing!” approach, we aim to stand out from our rivals in the industry and provide permanent value to your brand.

Solutions For Every Industry

Kriko Health & Ensurance

It is very important that the health sector, which appeals to a wide audience, is always at the forefront of the digital marketing game, unlike many sectors. We increase your organic visibility and brand awareness with SEO activities, which are both a legal and an efficient channel for the health sector.

Kriko Health & Ensurance


The importance of SEO is an undeniable fact in the e-commerce sector, which is a very large volume sector. With online marketing strategies and SEO service, we ensure your brand to develop, grow, and increase your organic traffic volume.

Kriko <br/>Ecommerce

Kriko Publishing & Community

We identify SEO strategies that allow you to be visible and discoverable on the Internet. This way, you can easily reach the community you want to contact, increase the traffic of your website and expand your target audience.

Kriko Publishing & Community

Kriko Banking & Finance

We offer the service you need for digital transformation, which is one of the most important issues on the agenda of the finance and banking industry. We provide digital transformation and development for the detected problems or needs.

Kriko Banking & Finance

Kriko Life & Travel

We conduct SEO studies that will enable you to reach more people at the same time and increase your sales. Thus, we ensure that your brand, services, campaign and distinctive features are more visible.

Kriko Life & Travel


We deliver your story to your target audience with the most appropriate digital marketing methods. Thus, by increasing brand awareness, we provide trust in your target audience, evoke desire and make your brand a value for them.

Kriko <br/>Education


Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Kriko for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Kriko's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.

Oguzhan Poyrazoglu
Oguzhan Poyrazoglu eBay Turkey - CTO

In line with the rising competition and market dynamics, our aim is to always deliver the product they seek to our customers with the fastest and best price advantage. It is our ultimate desire to achieve this with a good experience and process design. We cooperated with Kriko to achieve our annual targets and improve our current traffic for these purposes. We believe that Kriko will have serious added value to GittiGidiyor with its experience and competencies in the field of e-commerce.

Metin Okur
Metin Okur SefaMerve - CEO

Since we first met with the kriko, they added to us as “to apply a versatile and comprehensive road map with the right methodologies instead of the word generic consisting of general information that is said.” Accurate analysis of our brand and its dynamics, which generally have a slightly different customer behavior and are located in a difficult vertical, prove that we are not wrong in this opinion.

Feyza Dereli Fedar
Feyza Dereli Fedar eBay Turkey - CMO

As GittiGidiyor (eBay Turkey), we continue on our way every year by getting more share from the market with a growth much higher than the market growth. In order for this growth to continue in a healthy way, it is critical for us to strengthen our SEO and organic traffic day by day. When choosing our business partners to work in this field, we always prefer to work with the best in the field. We chose Kriko as our business partner for our SEO operations with the confidence we have in their experience and competencies and we see that we have made a very correct decision even in the short time we spent together.

Melih Pazarlioglu
Melih Pazarlioglu Corendon Airlines - Head of E-commerce

Kriko has helped us to make an important progress even in a short time with the benefits it has provided to our website and digital channels since the first day we started working. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to evaluate Kriko only under the title of an SEO company. In our opinion, Kriko; The companion of our website is a consultant in every area we need and a digital brand assistant that will always be supported in the world of search engines.

Yakup Bayrak
Yakup Bayrak Sherpa - Founder

The fact that Kriko can quickly adapt to the product management methodology of the SHERPA Blog team and the knowledge of search engine compatible content rather than the power of the mainstream SEO toolsets were important in the decision phase of SHERPA Blog. SHERPA Blog, which sees the data-based decision making discipline as the main element of its management philosophy, has gained a noticeable distance in the SERP results as a result of its short-term cooperation with Kriko, led by Uğur Eskici.

Omer Deveci
Omer Deveci ŞikayetVar - CEO

It is so annoying that it is annoying to question the decisions of the doctor you work with, keeping in mind the possibility of making a mistake when you get sick, and to constantly review the decisions of the SEO consultant you work with. Since the first day I started working with Kriko, I have no doubt about their decisions. Great head comfort and focused peace. We reflect even the most radical business requirements on the air without delay and we get positive results every time.

Volkan Arslan
Volkan Arslan Marketing Director - Alarko Carrier

We met Mr. Ugur in a training he gave, and then we had the opportunity to work. The reason why we chose Kriko is the synergy of Mr. Ugur, the fact that they stay only in their field of expertise, SEO instead of turning to all branches of digital, although he positions himself as an SEO expert, it is always a phone where you can get ideas for developments in the digital world on any subject. We can sort it out to be like a consultant away from you. I hope they move forward with this professional perspective and amateur spirit and we will continue to be their companions.

We Know Exactly What We Are Doing

Many leading brands from various sectors prefer Kriko for their content work. You can be inspired by the stories of brands advancing with Kriko's content strategies in their journey to success, and you can take action immediately for your own success strategies.

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Access of the world population to the internet

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Tools We Use

We use the most effective and reliable tools in the world of search engine optimization in order to analyze your business model with a data-oriented approach, to provide the most optimal results and to create analysis that creates added value by using up-to-date statistics and data.


Success Stories

We have accomplished countless success in many different fields, including organic traffic, SEO visibility and SERP rankings, with the brands we work with so far.

Raise Your Brand's Value

Add value to your brand with our projects prepared for your needs. From higher organic traffic to visible organic growth, from more efficient processing resources to innovative and modern approaches; it is possible to reveal the true value of your brand with Kriko.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to understand Kriko better, we have answered the most curious questions about our services and working principle!

What kind of service will I be getting?

Each patient’s prescription and medication is different. We know that your website has many variables and parameters depending on the infrastructure and competition. Therefore, we listen to your expectations and understand you first. Then, we apply technical full check-up to your site and identify the problems. At this point, we are with you for correction and testing. We produce projects and ideas for increasing SEO performance and share them with you. With these applications, we take aim to create additional traffic channels. Our goal is not garbage traffic, but to bring back quality and on-target traffic to your site. In short, we don’t just examine your site, give a simple checklist and leave you. We are with you in all your processes.

Is your approach based on keywords?

Actually, keyword-based studies are now history! All the applications we make are applications that will affect your entire site and provide mobility in all keywords and even allow you to gain traffic on new keyword sets. When we look at user search trends, “”question phrases”” and many types of search terms with more than 3-4 words have increased rapidly over the years. In the world where we know that 15% of daily searches on Google have never been searched before, we think that the keyword-oriented approach provides low returns in the long run.

What is your difference from the other companies that offer SEO services?

We have never positioned ourselves as an “SEO agency”. We want to offer a more boutique, more personalized and more unique service rather than automated and monotonous business processes. Within the scope of the solutions we offer for each sector, our consultants and specialists are exclusively specialized in that field serve. We prefer to be referred to as a boutique training and consultancy company rather than an agency; this is one of the most important features that distinguish us from our competitors in the industry.

What is Kriko's approach to SEO?

While conducting SEO studies, we always aimed to approach each of our brands with a boutique service approach and offer solutions for the specific needs of the brand. As the in-house SEO team of the brand we own, we adopt the business, undertake it as our own brand and act accordingly. We are involved in all marketing activities, not only SEO, but 360 degrees. Thus, we can offer a much more agile and boutique service to our brands in which we share our know-how and exchange ideas, and we can always prioritize the brand’s interests.

Which sectors do you take on?

There is no sector that we specifically select or focus on; instead, we try to add brands from each sector to our portfolio and bring specific solutions and innovations to each sector. We have working groups for different sectors such as Banking and Finance, Health, E-commerce, Publishing, Tourism, Education. Thus, our consultant, who has gained experience in that sector, can provide you with a much more customized and point-to-point service. It aims to increase your organic traffic in accordance with the dynamics of the industry by giving insight and feedback with the know-how it collects in the field.