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A Brand New Innovative Digital Agency

  • Author Uğur Eskici
  • Date 1 May 2020


A brand new agency has joined the digital industry, which is constantly evolving and renewing. “Kriko works, digital rises!” The agency, which came to life with the slogan, was founded by the experienced name of the industry, Uğur Eskici.

Kriko is a boutique agency for digital work beyond SEO and beyond. In addition to SEO services, Kriko offers ASO, content marketing and corporate training services; Established by the experienced name of the sector, especially e-commerce, Uğur Eskici.

Uğur Eskici managed the SEO operations of GittiGidiyor / eBay brand for 3.5 years after his graduation from Süleyman Demirel University. In 2013, he established the SEO infrastructure there as a transfer to and took charge in managing the related processes. Carrying out not only SEO operations, but also many infrastructure and business development activities, Eskici has enabled to become a hot spot in the e-commerce sector, which has high competition and grows every year. He continued to use his experiences within, a start-up initiative for 4.5 years.

Having completed his MIS (Management Information Systems) master’s degree at Bahçeşehir University, Eskici also speaks to students on digital marketing and career planning as speakers at many universities. Also participating as a speaker in many sectoral conferences, Eskici shares his experiences by mentoring some start-up initiatives.

Kriko establishing the cobbler to create similar success stories, “Turkey’s leading brands, many digital solutions primarily to carry out SEO operations tasks, he took part in tasks such as creating infrastructure from scratch. Now, with Kriko, we have started to provide boutique consultancy and training services to big brands. Digital is a growing and developing area. Expertise and experience are very important in this regard. My goal is to be with them in the digital adventures of brands, to always support with Kriko so that they do not stay on the road.”